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      來源:http://www.deasiled.com/     發布時間:2022-04-04  

        When it comes to positive pressure outlet, many people have a certain understanding. Now let ji 'nan ventilation pipe processing to explain a problem. Under what reason does the positive pressure air supply port need to stop working?
        The positive pressure air supply outlet of Jinan ventilation pipeline processing is usually assembled in the stairs and shelters of high-rise residences or schools. When a safety accident occurs, the motor in the positive pressure air outlet will be ventilated.
        When the mouth is opened, an internal temperature sensor prompts an alarm, and the minaret at the top opens automatically, allowing for vigorous exhaust operation. In the exhaust process, if the working temperature is 280 degrees, the positive pressure air supply port will fuse the isolation switch. , immediately block air flow to effectively prevent the fire from spreading to the new development trend.
        If there are some abnormal conditions in the operation process of the positive pressure outlet, such as the motor temperature is too high, abnormal sound, everything can not be used normally. Everyone should turn off the power, stop the operation, and immediately check the operation, remember not to use again. In the maintenance process, not immediately used, need to be tested by technical personnel after the application can be used again.
        In the normal operation of the positive pressure outlet of ji 'nan ventilation pipeline processing, it is necessary to ensure that the power supply and distribution system is sufficient and the working standard voltage runs under relatively stable conditions. Temporary routes are not recommended to avoid losses and major safety incidents.
        When the temporary circuit is damaged or isolated, it is necessary to immediately disconnect the switching power supply circuit, stop using it, configure the circuit with professional technology, and then operate it. Be sure to read the relevant technical knowledge before use. If any emergency problem occurs, it can be solved immediately.
        So much for the positive pressure air supply port of Jinan ventilation pipeline processing. If you have any questions about this, let us contact us through the website www.deasiled.com.