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      Ji'nan strong ventilation equipment Co., Ltd. was founded more than ten years, has been specializing in the pipeline processing engineering, we have a professional design, production and installation team.
      The exhaust air volume should be determined according to the size of the kitchen, the number of stoves, the size of the hood, and the emission of pollutants. There are several ways to determine the kitchen exhaust:
      (1) according to the number of air exhaust:
      The difference between the larger kitchen, kitchen area and kitchen utensils, stove number is not proportional to the same range of pollutants and heat generation is also very different. In fact, the kitchen ventilation is not fully ventilated, according to the number of ventilation design will have a great error.
      (2) according to the amount of pollutant emission design exhaust air:
      The state environmental protection GB18483-2001 "standard" cooking fume emission regulations of each burner air volume 2000m3/h. According to this method, the author thinks that the design of air volume is still limited. The actual situation in the catering industry is more complicated: the oven size, a wide type, Su type stove and stove respectively; in addition, the pot pot, steamer oven etc.; in function, there are cooking, cooking, pastry, barbecue, Western-style food processing room, washing room, heat and pollutant emissions are different, according to the simple stove quantity to determine exhaust volume is not appropriate.
      Kitchen installation exhaust fan exhaust should avoid a large number of air space in the air was pumped out. Natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation are needed to avoid. Whether it is natural to fill the air or exhaust air supply must consider the path of fresh air through the road, to avoid dead zones, in order to facilitate the indoor exhaust air pollution. Mechanical air supply through the wind pipe and air outlet, pipeline system can not be complicated, while avoiding the local wind speed is too large. The amount of fresh air to exhaust air volume of 70%-80% is appropriate.