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      In the ventilation duct, in addition to the air duct, there are also some supports and hangers and other accessories, because its devices are divided into two types, one is the air duct, including spiral air duct, rectangular air duct and so on, and the other is the support and hanger. Next, let me introduce the installation precautions of air duct.
      1. The air duct of the equipment shall be installed after the construction of the building envelope is completed and the site is sorted out.
      2. Before installing the air duct, check whether the orientation, elevation, trend, etc. of the air duct meet the planning requirements. The orientation of the reserved hole should be accurate. The size of the hole should be 100mm or more larger than the outer dimension of the air duct.
      3. During the transfer of the air duct, collision and beating shall be avoided to avoid damaging the air duct. Dust and sundries shall be cleaned before the equipment is installed. In case of shutdown during the installation, the air duct orifice shall be closed to prevent dust and foreign matters from entering the air duct.
      4. The air duct interface shall not be installed in the wall or floor, and pipes, wires and cables shall not be laid in the air duct.
      5. When transporting flammable and explosive gases or in such an environment, the air duct shall be provided with necessary grounding measures. For example, when conveying air with temperature higher than 80 ℃, necessary protective measures shall be taken.
      6. There shall be no joint at the bottom of the air duct. If there is, it shall be sealed.
      7. If the air duct passes through the floor or wall, it shall adopt embedded pipe or protective sleeve, and add flexible data between them.
      8. When the air duct is connected with the equipment, a flexible short pipe with a length of 150-300mm or as specified shall be set at the connection.
      9. The orientation of the air measuring hole shall be selected in the area without eddy current to facilitate measurement and measurement.
      In fact, when we talk about ventilation ducts, we usually associate them with those in office buildings, because they are a kind of application we usually contact with. In fact, its application is very wide, especially in some large workshops, ventilation ducts are essential. If you have any need, please come to our website http://www.deasiled.com Let's consult!