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      What should we pay attention to when decorating Jinan kitchen? In fact, there are many matters to be noted, which play a great role in the quality of our entire project, so we should pay attention to them. The following sections will tell you about them.
      1、 The secondary flue must be left
      Usually, the lampblack in the home will enter the secondary flue, pass through a buffer, and then enter the main flue through the holes on the partition board to ensure that the lampblack in each household is separated and avoid smoke. Some partners may have the problem of smoking because the smoke exhaust pipe is connected to the main flue by mistake, or the auxiliary flue is removed to save space. If it is directly connected to the main flue, because the upward suction is very large, if the air pressure is very low, the lampblack from other houses will be pressed into our house; Therefore, the auxiliary flue must not be removed.
      2、 Construction should be "picky"
      ① The installation position of the range hood is very important. The shorter the pipe, the better. Some friends pull the pipe very long for the sake of beauty or space cleanliness. Therefore, after the range hood is turned off, a lot of lampblack will remain in the pipe and cannot be discharged, and then it will be poured back into the house.
      ② Do not change the opening direction at will. In order to avoid damaging the original main and auxiliary flue, the opening direction shall not be changed randomly, and it shall be set in the auxiliary flue. However, the flue hole can be expanded, but the auxiliary flue baffle cannot be damaged.
      3、 Please pay attention to smoke in the window
      Some friends will give up the original flue and open holes in the windows to smoke in order to avoid smoke emission. This is OK, but there are several points to note:
      1 Before opening windows or walls, property permission is required.
      2 Usually, the tail end of the smoke exhaust pipe is made of metal. If the hole is too small, the glass will be easily cracked after the metal conducts heat, which is a potential safety hazard. At the same time, the smoke exhaust pipe will lead out of the window, and the wind may pour back the lampblack, which will increase the load of the range hood and shorten its service life.
      Solution: After the pipe is extended, the pipe shall be recessed downward, so as to avoid wind blowing and rain, which will flow into the pipe.
      4、 Check valve is often replaced
      If you have removed the auxiliary flue, or installed a flue check valve to prevent backflow, you must clean the check valve regularly if you have installed it, otherwise it will lose its effectiveness, and it will need to be replaced once every two years or so.
      Many partners will wonder why the check valve of the range hood has to be installed additionally? Generally speaking, the check valve of the range hood has very little effect. Installing a check valve in the flue can effectively protect the range hood from back filling of smoke in the flue. Come to our website for more information http://www.deasiled.com Consult.