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      Jinan smoke exhaust hood is a smoke exhaust device used in hotel and restaurant kitchens. It can not only supplement a certain amount of fresh air, but also balance the air pressure, avoid excessive negative pressure in the kitchen, reduce the temperature in the kitchen and improve the working environment. But there are many kinds of smoke hoods on the market, and it is important to choose one that is suitable for your kitchen.
      1. Airtight cover
      All pollution sources are enclosed in the hood, which has the advantage of small exhaust air volume, and can effectively control harmful substances without being affected by the environment, but it affects the operation. It is mainly used in places with high control requirements to eliminate harmful gases or smoke and dust. It is widely used in automatic production lines of food factories or central kitchens. Automatic continuous electric fryer and automatic continuous baking equipment are all working in this kind of smoke hood.
      2. Cabinet type smoke exhaust hood
      Cabinet type smoke exhaust hood has one side open for manual operation, and other sides are sealed. The open side maintains a certain air suction speed to ensure that harmful substances in the cabinet do not escape. It is mainly used in laboratories.
      3. External suction hood
      The external suction hood is located near the smoke source, and the smoke is sucked into the hood by the suction function near the smoke outlet. It has little impact on production and operation, and is easy to install and maintain, but it increases the intake of surrounding air, with large exhaust volume, low efficiency, and poor ability to control harmful substances. It is mainly used in situations where pollutants cannot be closed due to process requirements or limited operating conditions.
      4. Receiving exhaust hood
      The hood opening of the receiving exhaust hood directly faces the movement direction of the flue gas flow and is aligned with the movement direction of the pollution source to control the diffusion of the flue gas. The bucket type hanging smoke exhaust hood in the kitchen is designed to receive naturally raised smoke.
      5. Blowing and sucking smoke exhaust hood
      The blowing and suction smoke exhaust hood is composed of the suction hood and the blowing air flow, which has strong resistance to external air flow disturbance, strong control effect and good effect, and does not affect the process operation, but needs to add blowing pipes. It is mainly used to improve the smoke exhaust effect. The suction hood is far from the smoke source or there is airflow surge nearby, and it is difficult to control the smoke only by suction.
      The above are some common smoke hoods in catering kitchens. Please consult our website for specific performance parameters and prices of various smoke hoods http://www.deasiled.com Staff, we will serve you wholeheartedly!