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      The cleaning of the smoke exhaust equipment in Jinan kitchen mainly includes the cleaning of the smoke collecting hood, smoke exhaust pipes and smoke exhaust fans. Different parts have different materials, and the cleaning methods are different. Now let me explain it to you in detail!
      1. Cut off the power.
      First, pay attention to synchronous and parallel flushing of the smoke exhaust duct through the smoke outlet and ventilator. The kitchen ventilation and smoke exhaust system of commercial buildings is relatively large, which is different from the household range hood. All components can be disassembled. For example, cleaning the range hood requires technicians to enter the fireplace and use tools to remove some thick oil stains first. Due to a large amount of oil accumulation, a more professional vaporizer is required. Spray the vaporizer with high-pressure cleaning agent for 30 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water.
      In some kitchens, the ventilation and smoke exhaust are very narrow, and technicians cannot enter the pipes. In order to prevent the hidden danger of safety and use caused by lampblack in the pipeline, many enterprises often use mechanical equipment to open the pipeline and then clean it. This method is relatively simple, and the cleaning degree is also very clean. Some exhaust pipes are very complex, so manual cleaning will leave residues. When selecting the equipment for cleaning the opening, pay attention to the sealing treatment of the opening. In case of oil leakage, there are potential safety hazards. This should be noticed from the very beginning of the hotel kitchen design.
      2. Clean the fan.
      After a long time of operation, the accumulation of oil stain will cause the fan blades to become thicker, the oil stain will make the internal space of the fan smaller, and the ventilation and smoke exhaust effect will become worse and worse. When cleaning the fan, first remove the fan, and clean the inner blades and walls; Then, clean the fan surface. Before assembly, add lubricating oil to the driving device of the fan to enable the fan to ventilate and smoke flexibly. This step is more important and is operated by experienced technicians.
      3. Clean the oil fume purifier.
      The ventilation effect of the kitchen ventilation and smoke exhaust system is also affected by the oil smoke purifier. Long term use of the lampblack purifier will lead to a large amount of oil contamination on the inner plate and filter, resulting in a decline in the lampblack purification effect. According to data, about 80% of kitchens have poor ventilation and smoke exhaust due to long-term neglect of cleaning the built-in filter of the lampblack purifier. There are many kinds of oil fume purifiers. Soak them with cleaning agent first, and then clean them with cleaning machine according to the types of purifiers.
      The above is about the cleaning steps of the kitchen ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment and some precautions. I hope it can help you better clean the fan, so that the service life of the machine can be increased and the environment can be better provided for us. Come to our website for more information http://www.deasiled.com Ask and understand!