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      Many people just know that there is such a thing, but they don't know much about the smoke exhaust hood. Today, Jinan smoke exhaust hood manufacturer will take you to know this stainless steel smoke exhaust hood, and give advice on how to clean the hood.
      The stainless steel smoke exhaust hood is composed of the hood and the upper and lower parts of the hood. The hood is composed of three planes, and the hood is composed of four planes (front, rear, left and right, or baffle) to form a cone. The lower end of the cone is connected with the hood, and the upper end is connected with the range hood. The movable baffle is opened on either side of the hood or the hood window. The front baffle has a beautiful and delicate notch, which can smoke the bottom of the lampblack. At the same time, it does not pollute the environment, is conducive to human health, has a simple structure, and costs.
      The equipment is made of stainless steel, and the joint is waterproof, steam proof and oil smoke proof.
      (The air cowl is embedded in the ceiling, and a stainless steel decorative plate is set between them, which is made of stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1.2 ㎜, easy to disassemble, and embedded depth ≥ 100 ㎜.
      All covers shall be made of stainless steel plates with a thickness of more than 1.0 ㎜. The vent pipes shall be made of 1.0 galvanized plates and equipped with stainless steel iron air volume regulating valves.
      The lighting equipment is splash proof, waterproof, concave type, distributed every 1000mm, and the wire should be sheathed in the conduit and connected with the junction box. The illuminance device shall be no less than 600lux, and the energy-saving LED lamp and unified power interface shall be adopted.
      The vertical plate of the fan hood is equipped with an integrated surrounding self-cleaning device. The exhaust groove is easy to clean the oil smoke and steam. The exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel and is connected in parallel with the full automatic self-cleaning device of the fan hood.
      1. Cleaning of smoke exhaust hood: we take down the grate (filter screen) and put it into a special container, add metal cleaning agent to soak it, and then wash it with a high-pressure water gun; The oil stain on the surface of the smoke hood shall be washed with cleaning agent and then the high-pressure water gun, and then the stove, wall, brightener on the smoke hood and the floor shall be cleaned.
      2. Flue cleaning: large pipes shall be cleaned manually.
      3. Fan cleaning: after the fan has been running for a long time, the rear smoke cover installation brand will become thick due to oil stains on the fan blades, and the space inside will become smaller due to oil stains. As a result, the ventilation effect is poor and the use efficiency is low. Professional technicians shall disassemble and clean the fan blade and its internal sludge smoke exhaust hood. The cleaning of the fan requires experienced professionals to ensure the normal operation of the fan after cleaning.
      4. Cleaning of lampblack purifier: It is operated by experienced professionals and soaked with efficient degreasing agent. We have unique methods for cleaning different types of lampblack purifiers.
      How to clean the stainless steel smoke exhaust hood? The above is the answer to the question. If you have anything to share or have any questions, please come to our website http://www.deasiled.com Consult!