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      The lampblack purifier is a device for collecting and purifying cooking fume and malodorous pollutants. It can be seen almost at home or in restaurants. Do you know the specific installation procedures? Now Jinan lampblack purifier manufacturer will answer for you.
      Installation sequence: stove → smoke collecting hood → ventilation duct → lampblack purifier → ventilation duct → fan. The lampblack purifier should be installed in front of the exhaust fan and as close to the gas collecting hood as possible. The lampblack purifier and pipe should be sealed well without damage or leakage;
      If the dining unit should discharge at high altitude, the air outlet should be 15 meters above the ground or 1.5 meters above the roof of the attached building; If high altitude discharge is not suitable, indoor purification or low altitude discharge shall be adopted according to the standard; The lampblack shall not be discharged into the sewer pipe;
      The catering unit with indoor barbecue shall install an integrated barbecue machine and conduct secondary purification for the lampblack discharged.
      The purification equipment shall be linked with the exhaust fan, and the air volume of the lampblack purifier shall be consistent with that of the exhaust fan, with at least 2000 air volumes for each benchmark stove;
      A gas collecting hood shall be set above the processing facilities that produce smoke, such as stoves, steam ovens, ovens (ovens), etc. The projected area of the hood opening of the lampblack gas collecting hood shall be larger than the kitchen top, and the appropriate height from the lower edge of the hood opening to the ground shall be about 1.8 meters;
      The oil smoke and gas exhaust horizontal pipe shall be set with gradient, and the slope shall slide to the place where oil is collected, drained or condensed water is drained. The oil drain pipe orifice shall be set, and the pipe shall be sealed without leakage;
      The monitoring sampling hole shall be equipped with a circular or square monitoring port with an inner diameter of no less than 8 cm. The testing port shall be equipped with a movable baffle, which shall be opened during testing and closed after monitoring;
      Catering service enterprises shall establish an environmental protection management system, assign special personnel or entrust a third party to operate, manage, maintain and maintain the lampblack purifier, clean it regularly and register it in a timely manner as required. The law enforcement squadron in the jurisdiction shall regularly accept and sign. The lampblack purifier cleaning includes but is not limited to (gas collecting hood, lampblack purifier, odor removal device, fan, emission channel), etc. The lampblack purifier shall be clean and free of oil contamination, There is no oil stain around the purifier and exhaust funnel to pollute the ground or smoke the walls.
      The appearance of lampblack purification equipment shall be intact, neat and complete, and the identification shall be complete. A sign shall be set at a prominent position, indicating the origin, specification and model, treatment air volume, purification efficiency, high imported lampblack concentration, equipment resistance, origin, factory name, manufacturer address and contact information, date of manufacture, service life, production number, etc. Follow us http://www.deasiled.com , learn more about it!