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      In fact, we all know that the ventilation pipe is hollow, which is generally a kind of pipe used for ventilation. It is generally round or square. The processing of the ventilation pipe also requires a lot of air pipes, which is also for the safety of operators. Therefore, some problems must be paid attention to during the processing and installation of the ventilation pipe. What should be paid attention to during the processing? Next, Shandong ventilation pipe processing factory summarizes these six points, which we must pay attention to.
      1. The longitudinal joint shall be avoided as far as possible during the processing of the ventilation pipe, but the transverse joint shall not be allowed. Moreover, the seaming seams and the four corners of the ventilation pipe shall be sealed with sealant according to the design cleanliness level requirements. In addition, the sealing surface of the joint of the ventilation duct plate should be set at the positive pressure side of the ventilation duct wall.
      2. During processing, reinforcing frames or reinforcements cannot be set inside the ventilation ducts, because this will have a certain impact on the quality of the ventilation ducts.
      3. The connection mode of S-shaped and C-shaped right angle inserts cannot be used for the processing of ventilation ducts. In addition, snap joint cannot be used for some special ventilation ducts.
      4. After the fabrication of the ventilation pipe, it shall be cleaned with cleaning solution. Only when the cleaning standard is met, can it be sealed in time.
      5. When the end of the fiberglass composite board air duct is the cutting surface, the cut surface of the duct end shall be sealed with tape or glue before assembling the flange connector to prevent the fiberglass from being exposed and flying away.
      6. If it is a color coated steel plate ventilation duct, the inner wall should be kept smooth, and the coating should not be damaged during the processing of the ventilation duct. In case of damaged parts, epoxy resin should be applied to the surface. In addition, anti-corrosion measures shall be taken during the processing of the ventilation pipe, and pop rivets shall not be used. In addition, these parts shall be galvanized during the assembly of the ventilation pipe parts.
      Pay attention to these six points when processing ventilation ducts. If you have any problems or needs after reading the above contents, you can come to our website http://www.deasiled.com Consulting, relevant personnel will serve you wholeheartedly!