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      Ventilation duct is a kind of municipal infrastructure to make air circulate and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. The plates, profiles and other main finished materials used for the fabrication and installation of ventilation pipes and air ducts shall comply with the provisions of the design and relevant product standards, and the factory inspection certificate shall be applied. The materials shall be accepted according to relevant standards when entering the site.
      1. Air duct ventilation: the equipment is simple, flexible and convenient, and easy to disassemble. However, due to the small section, the ventilation resistance will increase with the extension of the pipeline.
      2. Roadway ventilation: It is applicable to long tunnels with parallel pilot pits. It is characterized by that the main tunnel and parallel pilot pits form a circulating air flow system through the front cross passage. Ventilators are installed near the flat pilot pit mouth to extract the dirty air from the horizontal pilot, and fresh air flows in from the main tunnel to form a circulating air flow.
      3. Air wall ventilation: use part of the tunnel space to separate an air duct with bricks or boards instead of large diameter air ducts to shorten the length of the air duct, while increasing the air supply to meet the ventilation requirements. This method is applicable to the situation where the air duct is shortened for a long time, there is no parallel heading available, and pipe ventilation is difficult to solve comprehensively.
      Xi'an Ventilation Duct Processing Factory specializes in processing galvanized iron sheet air duct (round pipe, square pipe) and stainless steel pipe (round pipe, square pipe). Galvanized iron sheet pipes and stainless steel pipes are commonly used for ventilation pipes. In terms of acid mist exhaust, metal pipes can be sprayed with plastics for reuse, or PP pipes can be directly used (when the fire resistance is not required). In order to save costs, some small exhaust and air supply pipes can also use PVC and PPR pipes as air pipes.