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      The unique smoke cover type structure eliminates the need for additional smoke collecting covers, saving kitchen space. The immortal steel shell is beautiful and durable.
      The electric field of kitchen cooking fume purifier is designed to turn down, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance. It is completely installed on the stove, does not occupy kitchen space, and is convenient for installation and maintenance.
      The vertical electric field structure allows the oil stain to flow out of the electric field easily after being collected. The service cycle of the kitchen cooking fume purifier is longer, saving maintenance costs.
      Strong high-voltage power supply system and perfect over-current short-circuit electric field discharge protection function ensure the efficient operation of the system.
      The extensive application of kitchen cooking fume purifier shows that the effect of oil fume removal can reach 92%, and most of the odor can be removed.
      Air leakage prevention measures shall be taken at the connection of each air duct.
      In order to ensure the infectious effect of the equipment, the variable diameter air duct adjacent to the equipment inlet and outlet shall be as far as possible. In order to ensure the infectious effect of the equipment, straight pipes with a length more than 4 times the pipe diameter must be assembled and connected with pipes. Therefore, flexible connection must be used when connecting the air pipes of the equipment light fan. The equipment will not work normally if it is subject to vibration during operation.
      To ensure infection results, if the air volume of a single fan is expected to be greater than the budgeted air volume of the equipment. The equipment must work under the budgeted air volume, and the user can control the fan with frequency converter or install air regulating valve at the fan outlet. To reduce the additional resistance of the fan. A straight pipe section of 1-2 meters is reserved at the inlet of the fan.
      The equipment shall work under negative wind pressure to ensure the infectious effect of the equipment. That is, the fan must be set in front of the equipment. When the air is drawn by a unified exhaust fan, multiple devices are used in parallel. It must also ensure that the proportion of air volume allocated to each equipment is close to the proportion of air volume he intends to handle.
      It refers to the awning with rainproof and sunshade, which is installed outdoors. The utility model can save the normal operation life of the kitchen lampblack purifier and the unnecessary maintenance cost.