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      Duct is a piping system for air delivery and distribution. The air duct processed by air duct includes composite air duct and inorganic air duct. Spiral duct and rectangular duct can be classified according to section shape and material. Air duct fabrication Stainless steel air duct fabrication is to apply sealant on seaming seams, rivet seams, flange flanging corners and other joints, and remove dust and oil stains on the surface before applying sealant.
      The installation of spiral air duct significantly reduces the connection points between pipes and reduces the leakage at the joint of pipe fittings to a certain extent. The typical spiral air duct is 3-6m long, while the typical rectangular air duct is only 1-1.5m long; The connection of two spiral air ducts only requires one pipe connector, while the connection of traditional rectangular air ducts often requires a completely independent double flange system.
      The production of spiral air duct fittings has been highly automated and systematic, and has industrialized quality control. The installation time of spiral air duct system is only 1/3 of that of similar rectangular ducts. As we all know, the wind resistance of spiral air duct is much smaller than that of rectangular air duct.
      Precise seaming forming process: the molds used by imported equipment are all of special steel structure. Even after three or five years of use, the surface of the pressing mold remains unchanged, making the surface of galvanized steel plate not damaged, greatly extending the service life of spiral air duct. At the same time, the joint is even, flat, the seaming is tight, the connection force is strong, and the sealing is good.
      When installing the spiral air duct, it is required that the screw hole of the hanger shall be machined, and there shall be no deformation after the equipment is installed; The spacing between supports and hangers is 5m and 3.75m, which cannot exceed this range. If it is vertical equipment, its spacing shall not be greater than 4m; For horizontal equipment, if the diameter or long side size is not greater than 400mm, the spacing shall not be greater than 4m; If the diameter or long side size is greater than 400mm, the spacing shall not be greater than 3m.