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      The purpose of lampblack purification is to discharge, so strictly speaking, the purpose of fan selection is to ensure the discharge of air volume. The selection of wind turbine in the project site is a key point, and there are many misunderstandings.
      The function of the fan is to discharge the smoke purified by the lampblack purifier to the outside, but to ensure the air volume, first ensure that the pressure of the fan can overcome the resistance of the ventilation system, otherwise, no matter how much air volume the fan is marked, * will not achieve the ideal ventilation effect. When selecting a fan, it is not enough to just look at the air volume of the fan.
      Typical fan parameter diagram is as follows:
      It can be seen that different fan characteristics are located at different locations in different coordinates. The user determines the air volume according to the number of kitchen burners, and then determines the wind speed according to the size of the duct (the wind speed of kitchen smoke exhaust duct is generally 10-13 m/s). Then, the total resistance of the system is calculated according to the length of the duct, the number of elbows, and the resistance of the purifier. Then, the full pressure of the fan is selected from the "Y" coordinate, Then select the air volume parameter from the "X" coordinate, and determine a fan curve near the intersection point of the two lines, corresponding to a fan model, which is the appropriate fan.
      So how to determine the resistance of the system? The theoretical calculation is relatively complicated, and the simple empirical basis is:
      Pressure loss of straight pipe: 5pa/m
      Pressure loss of elbow or reducer: 30pa/piece
      Pressure loss of electrostatic lampblack purifier: 200pa/set
      Pressure loss at exhaust port of smoke hood: 200pa/piece
      Number of furnace heads: 8
      If 20 meters of air duct, 5 elbows are reduced, the pressure loss of smoke hood is 200pa, and the pressure loss of Kelan oil smoke purifier is 200pa, the dynamic pressure is maintained at 200pa, and the total pressure loss is about:
      20 * 5+5 * 30+200+200+200=850pa, and the pressure of the intake fan is 1000pa.
      The air volume of 8 burners is 1600 m3, and the air volume of air intake fan is 1800 m3.
      According to the vertical and horizontal coordinates of, 6.3H and 5.6H can be selected (their performance overlaps). Assuming 6.3H is selected, 800 rpm is appropriate according to the total pressure and air volume.
      Pay attention to oil smoke purification. Modern catering kitchens can't do without oil smoke purifiers. They are equipped with high quality oil smoke purifiers. With appropriate cylindrical honeycomb electric fields, the purification effect is up to 98%,
      Maybe it can purify the lampblack in the kitchen and protect the physical health of the kitchen staff. Only by assembling efficient lampblack purification devices can we thoroughly purify the lampblack, reduce the external circumstances and become contaminated, and protect the health of the people
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