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      在排油煙系統中,對于方便拆卸、可觸及的,如排煙罩、過濾器、風機等。我們采用熱壓(>120巴)配合化學洗滌劑(pH>14, 對環境無任何不良影響)進行清洗。而對一些不易觸及、不可拆卸的,如垂直、豎直的管道,我們采用油煙管道清洗機器人進行清洗。必要時結合實際情況巧妙采用人工方法,以期達到、經濟的效果。
      In the lampblack exhaust system, for those that are easy to remove and accessible, such as smoke hoods, filters, fans, etc. We use hot pressing (>120 bar) and chemical detergent (pH>14, no adverse effect on the environment) for cleaning. For some inaccessible and non removable pipes, such as vertical and vertical pipes, we exclusively use professional fume pipe cleaning robots for cleaning. When necessary, manual methods shall be skillfully used in combination with the actual situation to achieve efficient and economic results.
      Cleaning scope of kitchen smoke exhaust system:
      [Oil fume pipe cleaning]
      (1) Horizontal smoke pipe cleaning (2) Vertical smoke pipe cleaning (3) Large oil smoke pipe cleaning (4) Circular pipe cleaning
      [Cleaning of lampblack purifier]
      (1) Cleaning of mechanical lampblack purifier (2) Cleaning of electrostatic lampblack purifier (3) Cleaning of filter screen (4) Cleaning of wet lampblack purifier (5) Cleaning of composite lampblack purifier (6) Cleaning of purifier core
      [Fan cleaning]
      (1) Off core fan cleaning (2) Axial flow fan cleaning (3) Muffler cleaning (4) Mixed flow fan cleaning (5) Box fan cleaning
      [Cleaning of smoke exhaust hood]
      (1) Cleaning of filter screen smoke exhaust hood (2) Cleaning of water conveying smoke exhaust hood (3) Cleaning of air and water fans
      [Cleaning of Battery Range]
      Beijing Hongshengxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has the professional qualification of flue cleaning and many years of kitchen cleaning experience. It specializes in providing large and medium-sized kitchen smoke exhaust pipe cleaning, oil smoke pipe cleaning, flue cleaning, hood cleaning, fan cleaning, oil smoke purifier cleaning; Price concessions
      (1) Soup pot cleaning (2) Double eyes low soup stove cleaning (3) Eight eyes pot stove cleaning
      Is to provide our customers with quality products, preferential prices, and thoughtful service.
      Main cleaning project
      Cleaning of lampblack pipes: cleaning of unit lampblack pipes, cleaning of range hoods, cleaning of large range hoods, cleaning of smoke hoods, cleaning of water hoods.
      Kitchen equipment cleaning: environmental protection net cleaning, water transport panel cleaning, oil fume purifier cleaning, centrifugal fan cleaning, axial flow fan cleaning.
      Kitchen equipment maintenance: blower maintenance, lampblack purifier maintenance, rice cooker maintenance, fort stove maintenance, diesel stove maintenance.