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      Ventilation system is one of the projects that can not be ignored in the process of laboratory construction. Today, let's talk about the requirements and relevant parameters of the ventilation pipe project in the laboratory construction.
      實驗室通風管道工程的要求:通風效果好、噪音低、操作簡便、節約能源,室內壓差和溫濕度都能保持人體的舒 適性。
      Requirements of the laboratory ventilation pipeline project: good ventilation effect, low noise, simple operation, energy saving, indoor pressure difference and temperature and humidity can keep human comfort.
      Importance of laboratory ventilation engineering: laboratory ventilation engineering is one of the systems with large scale and wide influence in the whole process of laboratory design and construction. Whether the ventilation project is perfect or not has a direct impact on the laboratory environment, the physical health of laboratory personnel, the operation and maintenance of experimental equipment, etc.
      Design principles of laboratory ventilation duct works:
      1. The treatment facilities shall have the impact load capacity to ensure that the exhaust gas is discharged up to the standard.
      2.夏天補冷風、冬天補暖風,保證室內溫濕度的舒 適性。
      2. Supplement cold air in summer and warm air in winter to ensure the comfort of indoor temperature and humidity.
      3. Intelligent frequency conversion control system is adopted to achieve the purpose of convenient operation, energy saving and noise reduction.
      4. Non standard equipment shall conform to relevant national or industrial specifications, and ensure stable performance and beautiful appearance.
      5. Comprehensively consider various factors and adopt mature processes with low investment, stable operation, low operation cost and good operation effect.
      6. Noise and odor shall be fully considered in the design to prevent secondary pollution and new pollution to the surrounding environment.
      7.所選擇的工藝必 須滿足現場條件,平面布置簡潔、緊湊、少占地,并方便生產操作和維護維修。
      7. The selected process must meet the site conditions, with simple and compact plane layout, less land occupation, and convenient production operation, maintenance and repair.
      8. The exhaust and make-up air systems shall achieve the balance of air volume, maintain the negative pressure of - 5Pa to - 10Pa indoors, prevent the diffusion of harmful gases, and ensure the physical and mental health of laboratory personnel.
      9. According to the structural characteristics of the building, set up an air shaft nearby, divide the exhaust and air supplement systems, and make the pipeline system "short, flat, smooth and straight" to reduce the system resistance and system noise.
      With the above summary of Jinan ventilation pipe processing, I hope it will be helpful to our customers. If there is anything you don't understand or ask for help, please click our website: http://www.deasiled.com Or call for consultation, we will do our best to solve the problem for you