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      The spiral air duct is manufactured by using the steel strip coil, using the air duct molding machine to bite the bone shape at one time, rolling it into a circular tube along the spiral involute track, pressing the seam together, and finally cutting it according to the required length. Since it was put on the market, because of its excellent performance and low operating cost, it has been widely used in shipbuilding, ventilation, air conditioning, purification, bridge dust removal, airport, tunnel and other construction industries.
      The most common way to supply cold air and hot air is the pipe of central air conditioning, which needs thermal insulation. It can also paste thermal insulation materials inside to make the air duct have a beautiful spiral appearance, avoid ceiling and reduce the project cost. The manufacturing of spiral air duct is highly automated and the production speed is very fast. Generally, the air duct can produce 20-40 meters per minute, because the price of its raw material galvanized strip steel is lower than that of the overall galvanized steel plate, and its factory production and standardization make the cost lower than that of rectangular air duct.
      After selecting advanced technical equipment for spiral air duct, if equipped with processing equipment corresponding to other processes, the processing progress and quality of air duct in each process will be greatly improved, but the processing process is still multi-process separation processing, and a lot of manpower is still needed to rotate on multiple equipment, and the processing planning, processing power and quality of air duct in air conditioning still remain at a low stage. Fortunately, after selecting the common plate flange connection technology, the processing procedures of the air conditioning duct are not only less, but also many manual operation procedures are saved. There are still processes such as blanking, corner cutting, rib pressing, common plate flange forming, undercut joint, assembly, etc.
      The joint is circumferential, and its strength is much higher than that of the radial straight head, so there is no crack at the joint under 1.5 times of working pressure, because its raw material galvanized strip steel is lower than the whole galvanized steel plate, and its factory production and standardization make its cost lower than the rectangular air duct; In addition, the total cost is low due to the small demand for its supports and hangers and the small installation workload. Because the four corners of the rectangular air duct are prone to turbulence, the useful flow area is reduced, the air flow is good, the useful flow area is large, and the secondary noise of the product is small due to the high intensity. Therefore, the low-frequency noise caused by air duct vibration is smaller, the air flow performance is good, the system pressure drop is small, and the daily operation system consumes less power.