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      1. The kitchen is easy to be contaminated by lampblack due to the use of open fire for a long time, and many oil stains adhere to the lampblack machine and the flue surface to form oil dirt due to long-term non-cleaning. It is suggested that in places with kitchens, the oil fume pipes should be thoroughly cleaned every two months, and the hidden fire hazards such as oil dirt and other dirt should be removed in time to avoid fire caused by excessive temperature in the kitchen. When cleaning, professional oil fume pipe cleaning company must thoroughly clean.
      2. Use lampblack pipe to clean qualified kitchen building materials. During the inspection, the fire department found that in order to save costs, some small restaurants used combustible materials to make chimneys and smoke exhaust pipes. Once the oil pan is on fire or the flame goes up, these inflammables are likely to be ignited directly.
      3、廚房配備滅火器。一旦發生火情,及時有效撲救初起火災,可以避免災情擴大,同時也為消防人員撲救爭取時間,所以廚房間配備滅火器是必須的。值得注意的是,由于油煙管道火災蔓延非???,所以廚房間附近可以 配備“后備”滅火器以防萬一。
      3. The kitchen is equipped with fire extinguishers. In case of fire, put out the initial fire in time and effectively, which can avoid the expansion of the disaster and also buy time for firefighters to put out the fire, so it is necessary to equip the kitchen with fire extinguishers. It is worth noting that because the oil smoke pipe fire spreads very fast, "backup" fire extinguishers can be equipped near the kitchen room in case.
      4. The kitchen uses fire without leaving people. The fire of oil fume pipeline is mainly caused by "leaving people" when using fire in the kitchen. The fire department stressed that all kinds of catering places, especially the hotels with the bottom business in the community, should effectively improve the fire protection equipment, train the operators to master the fire safety knowledge, develop the management system of fire and electricity in the kitchen, and ensure that the fire in the kitchen does not leave people.
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