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      1、 Inspection before operation of oil fume purifier:
      1. The equipment must be operated, repaired and maintained by special personnel;
      2. Operators shall receive safety training, obtain work license and work with certificate, and learn the Operation Manual of the fume purifier, understand the basic structure and performance of the equipment, master the operating procedures, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures;
      3. The oil fume purifier consumes a large amount of electricity. In order to prevent the overload of the conductor, it is necessary to use a separate line for power supply, and at the same time, install appropriate fuses, use high-temperature insulation materials and install leakage protectors;
      4. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether the safety protection device of the equipment is in good condition, whether the grounding wire of the equipment is firm, and whether the power supply system and cabin door are closed and sealed; Whether the oil drain pipe is connected properly;
      5. Confirm whether the input voltage matches the equipment use voltage;
      6. To ensure safety, the oil fume purifier is required to be linked with the fan, and the purifier and the fan are opened and closed at the same time; If linkage is not possible, the fan must be started for 10 minutes before starting the purifier; (Especially in the cold winter in the north, the fan should be started first, and the purifier should be turned off before the fan is shut down;
      7. The distance between the oil fume purifier and the outlet of the hood shall be at least 2 meters to ensure the fire safety and purification effect; The distance between purifier and fan is more than 4 meters;
      2、 Operating procedures of oil fume purifier:
      1. Turn on the fan power control switch after completing the check before power-on. When the green light in the purifier power instruction box is on, it means that the purifier has started normal operation;
      2. If the red light flashes occasionally after starting, it means that there is discharge between electrodes, which is normal;
      3. If the red light is on for a long time, it means that it does not work. You can press the reset button of the electric box several times. If the green light is on, it means that it has resumed normal work;
      4. If the red light is on for a long time, and the reset button is pressed several times without turning green, the power should be turned off, the electrode control circuit should be rechecked, and the power switch should be started again after confirming that there is no error. If the red light is on after repeated operation, turn off the power switch again, check and clean the high-voltage electrode, and also contact professional maintenance technicians for maintenance;
      3、 Precautions for operation and use of oil fume purifier:
      1. Since the oil fume purifier is a high-voltage system, it is strictly prohibited to open the electrode cabin door and the electric control cabinet door, and touch all system components in the equipment when the equipment is powered on;
      2. No foreign matter is allowed to enter the electrode system of the equipment;
      3. The equipment box must be grounded safely;
      4. The equipment is not allowed to be disassembled and repaired by non-professional personnel. In case of failure, the power supply shall be turned off in time and the equipment shall be repaired by professional personnel;
      5. The oil fume purifier must be cleaned and maintained within 2~3 months of use, otherwise the failure will affect the treatment efficiency;