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      Because of the existence of catering stores, the cooperation of mechanical and electrical disciplines is also required: the planning of air conditioning and ventilation, especially the purification and emission of lampblack, and the scheme of lampblack exhaust system are not only related to the quality of lampblack exhaust in the kitchen of catering industry, the air quality of outdoor sensitive areas, but also affect the commercial internal environment and grade.
      For the design of the oil smoke exhaust system of the catering industry in the new commercial complex, it can be summarized into the following two categories:
      "One-to-one correspondence" independent system type
      The so-called "one-to-one correspondence" type means that a catering kitchen corresponds to a tube well and a set of oil fume and oil fume purification system. The equipment is designed and installed by the customer according to the requirements for the second time. The developer can only reserve the position of the pipeline. This method can be achieved by setting an independent riser for each household in the independent catering area or in the centralized tube well.
      "Many-to-one" centralized system type
      The so-called "many-to-one" type means that multiple kitchens correspond to a centralized tube well. The centralized system type can be divided into three types: user kitchen settings, developer settings, and user and developer settings, which have been determined in the preliminary design.
      The types of kitchen chimneys in high-rise buildings mainly include finished exhaust ducts in residential kitchens and oil exhaust ducts in civil works, lined with stainless steel sheet iron air ducts; The size of finished exhaust duct of residential kitchen shall be checked according to the number of floors and the height of floors; For the civil oil exhaust flue, it is necessary to know the air volume of each oil exhaust hood and the simultaneous opening rate of the same chimney bearing the number of households, so as to calculate the size of the oil exhaust flue.
      The kitchen oil fume needs to be discharged from high altitude. For apartment buildings of 200m and above (or 150m and above), the oil fume needs to be transferred to the core tube and discharged from the top of the tower. For floors of 150m and above, the kitchen chimney is not converted and discharged directly from the roof.
      For the size calculation of oil fume conversion shaft and horizontal main pipe, the finished kitchen exhaust duct is adopted, and the area of the air duct can be equal to the sum of the area of the vertical flue; The civil flue is adopted, and the air duct is calculated according to the total number of households served, the air volume of the fume hood of each household, and the opening rate at the same time, and the size of the header is calculated according to the wind speed of the air duct.