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      Galvanized steel duct can be classified according to cross-sectional shape and material. According to the cross-sectional shape, galvanized air ducts can be divided into various types, such as circular air ducts, rectangular air ducts, flat circular air ducts, etc. Among them, circular air ducts have small resistance, large height dimensions, and complex manufacturing. So the application is mainly based on rectangular air ducts.
      Galvanized steel sheet air ducts are widely used in civil and industrial fields, such as underground garages, hotels, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, workshops, textile, petrochemical, mechanical manufacturing, instruments, electronics, medicine, tobacco, food, as well as air supply, exhaust, and smoke exhaust pipes for subway, civil air defense, and other engineering projects in high-rise buildings. Galvanized air ducts are usually connected externally to fittings (such as elbows, reducers) at both ends.
      How to protect finished galvanized steel duct products? The air duct processing equipment should be covered with flexible materials and should not affect equipment operation; Cloth shoes should be replaced when entering the workshop, and stepping on galvanized steel plates is prohibited; When sealing and flipping the air duct, use a rubber hammer in conjunction with a hydraulic sealing machine, and do not use a metal hammer;
      The cutting, jointing, and flange assembly processes of the air duct must be carried out on flexible carpets, and direct contact between the galvanized layer of the air duct and the ground is strictly prohibited; The semi-finished and finished products of the air duct must be neatly placed on square timber, with each layer not exceeding 1.2m. It is strictly prohibited to stack multiple layers to cause deformation of the air duct;
      Shandong ventilation pipeline processing indicates that when finished air ducts are stacked for a long time, they should be covered with plastic film to avoid dust accumulation; Galvanized steel plates should be placed on spacious and dry damp proof wooden pallets, neatly and reasonably numbered according to the system during stacking, for easy shipping. Handling and loading should be handled with care to prevent damage to the finished product.
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