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      Maximize the use of oil fume purifiers for as long as possible
      After starting the oil fume purifier, the use time should be extended as much as possible, and it should not be frequently opened and closed. This will shorten the service life of the oil fume purifier, and the power consumption of the oil fume purifier itself will not be large.
      Regularly clean and maintain the fan
      We often find a layer of black on the fan blades after using them for a long time in daily life, which greatly affects the air volume and aesthetics. The same applies to fans. If the fan impeller is not cleaned, a thick layer of dust will also accumulate, leading to a decrease in air flow rate, affecting purification efficiency, and even crashing. Regularly check whether the fan and purification exhaust pipeline are unobstructed, and regularly replace the lubricating oil for the fan.
      Regularly discharge oil stains and clean the dirt from the oil fume purifier
      Under long-term operation, the equipment will accumulate a lot of oil stains. It is necessary to regularly open the bottom valve to discharge the dirty oil from the equipment, and scrub some oil stains on the surface of the oil fume purifier to avoid oil stains from corroding the components of the oil fume purifier, affecting purification efficiency and service life.
      Once the oil smoke accumulates in the pipe pole fan pole hood pole purifier, it is easy to cause a fire hazard. Like a ticking time bomb scenario, the fire is out of control. Similarly, the oil smoke accumulation seriously affects the normal use of the pipe pole fan of the purification system, resulting in poor air exhaust and increased power consumption. However, in response to the strict requirements of the State Environmental Protection Administration, emission standards must comply with the "Cooking Industry Oil Smoke Emission Standards", and catering businesses have adopted oil smoke purifiers. So it is essential to clean the oil fume purifier.
      Due to the long and tortuous layout of the oil fume pipeline, most of the curved and thin pipes cannot be cleaned, and oil scale still accumulates, posing a serious fire hazard. The exhaust fan that accumulates oil fume is short circuited, causing a fire. Generally, the reason why the cleaning oil fume purifier will catch fire is because the commonly used wet system has an oil removal efficiency of around 60%, and oil scale still accumulates in large quantities, which cannot eliminate the fire hazard. In addition, once the spraying system is blocked, the fire risk is even greater. Although the oil removal efficiency of an electrostatic system is relatively high, its efficiency rapidly decreases over time. The flow of air in the pipeline generates static electricity and the high temperature of cooking is enough to cause the accumulated oil fumes to spontaneously ignite.