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      Product Description: The high-voltage electrostatic oil fume purifier is an advanced green and environmentally friendly product. It uses a new type of critical high voltage power supply, which is a self adaptive feedback high voltage power supply. Through external feedback capacitors, it can be segmented or stepwise adjusted. During operation, it can automatically track and adjust the voltage according to load changes, achieving a state of temporary mismatch with the load.
      More and more people are now realizing the importance of environmental protection. Based on this, our company has specially developed this series of products, which have a wide range of applications and can be applied to hotels, restaurants, food and natural resources, large kitchens, and other places.
      Performance characteristics:
      1. Adopting a non-inductive DC and pulse dedicated purification power supply, the control system can automatically adjust;
      2. It is corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Materials with excellent insulation ensure the safe operation of the equipment and have a long service life;
      3. The equipment has small size, light weight, simplified structure, and is easy to maintain;
      4. The equipment is safe and reliable, with low noise and energy efficiency;
      Working principle: The combination of a DC superimposed pulse plasma power supply and a toothed plate structure electric field is used to generate corona discharge, thereby obtaining high-energy plasmonic fonts. Under the action of a plasma electric field, kitchen oil fumes instantly condense small particles into large particles, which are collected on the oil collection plate and settle into the oil collection tank under the bombardment of the plasma. At the same time, most of the um level oil mist particles, VOC, organic substances, and various odors such as tar and spicy in the oil fume exhaust gas are degraded by plasma, ensuring a high oil fume purification rate, odor degradation rate, and longer cleaning cycle of the oil fume purification machine.
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