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      集氣(煙)罩一般采用整體加工,包括過濾集油集水等設備,多為廚房公司制作。其外形應統一美觀易于清理,廚房通風中,需補充一定數量的新風,一方面可以平衡氣壓,避免廚房負壓過大(一般不應大于5Pa),另一方面可以降低廚房內的溫度,改善工作環境。 對于烹飪油煙的收集,采用的集氣(煙)罩主要有三種類別:
      The gas collection (smoke) hood is generally processed as a whole, including equipment such as filtering, oil collection, and water collection, and is mostly produced by professional kitchen companies. Its appearance should be uniform, beautiful, and easy to clean. In kitchen ventilation, a certain amount of fresh air needs to be added. On the one hand, it can balance the air pressure and avoid excessive negative pressure in the kitchen (generally not exceeding 5Pa), and on the other hand, it can reduce the temperature inside the kitchen and improve the working environment. For the collection of cooking fumes, there are three main categories of gas collection (smoke) hoods used:
      The simple gas collection hood without oil baffles and air supply equipment is suitable for various flexible and mobile places, easy to process and install, and cheap in price. However, due to the lack of air supply equipment, the air collection effect is relatively poor, which can easily cause oil fumes to swirl in front of kitchen staff and cause oil droplets to scatter.
      The gas collection hood with oil baffle and air supply equipment can effectively collect oil fumes generated during the cooking process, and oil droplets do not scatter. As long as the air supply volume is reasonable, the air quality of the kitchen operator's working face is good. But the installation requirements are high and the investment is large.
      The design principle of the water transportation and gas collection (smoke) hood is to form a water curtain circulation, which collides with the oil smoke to achieve the purpose of purifying the oil smoke. The key to affecting the effectiveness of the water transportation and gas collection (smoke) hood is to form a continuous water curtain and regularly clean the circulating water system. In fact, due to poor management, most water and gas (smoke) hoods currently cannot form a continuous water curtain, but only form intermittent flowing water droplets or small water columns, resulting in very poor performance.
      Due to the different types of kitchens, customized exhaust systems are also required. Therefore, professional companies are needed to help design the exhaust system for catering kitchens. Changsha Emeco Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. can customize commercial kitchen projects for you.
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