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      The smoke exhaust and ventilation design of catering kitchens is an important step to ensure air circulation in the kitchen and eliminate smoke, oil fumes, and odors. The following are the key considerations for smoke exhaust and ventilation design in general catering kitchens:
      Determine ventilation requirements: Determine appropriate ventilation requirements based on the size of the kitchen, the number and type of cooking equipment. In general, the ventilation rate of the kitchen should meet the local Building code and sanitary requirements.
      Smoke exhaust system design:
      a. 確定排煙通道的路徑和布局,通常應將排煙通道直接連接到室外,遠離通風窗戶和進風口。
      a. Determine the path and layout of the smoke exhaust passage, usually connecting it directly to the outside, away from ventilation windows and air intakes.
      b. 使用合適的排煙罩或排煙罩組合,覆蓋烹飪設備上方,以收集并導出煙霧和油煙。
      b. Use a suitable smoke exhaust hood or combination of smoke exhaust hoods to cover the cooking equipment to collect and export smoke and fumes.
      c. 考慮使用煙霧凈化裝置或油煙凈化設備,以提高排煙效果和凈化空氣質量。
      c. Consider using smoke purification devices or oil fume purification equipment to improve smoke exhaust efficiency and purify air quality.
      Air intake system design:
      a. 確保廚房內有足夠的進風口,以補充排煙時的空氣流入。進風口應位于離排煙通道遠的地方,以避免煙霧和異味逆流。
      a. Ensure that there are sufficient air intakes in the kitchen to supplement the air flow during smoke exhaust. The air inlet should be located far away from the smoke exhaust duct to avoid backflow of smoke and odors.
      b. 考慮使用過濾器和風幕機等設備,以過濾進入廚房的空氣并防止外部污染物進入。
      b. Consider using equipment such as filters and air curtains to filter the air entering the kitchen and prevent external pollutants from entering.
      Fan selection and layout:
      a. 選擇適當的風機類型和風機容量,以滿足通風需求并確保足夠的排風效果。
      a. Select the appropriate fan type and capacity to meet ventilation needs and ensure sufficient exhaust effectiveness.
      b. 風機的布置應使其與排煙通道和排煙罩相連,以有效地抽出煙霧和油煙。
      b. The layout of the fan should be connected to the smoke exhaust channel and hood to effectively extract smoke and oil fumes.
      Smoke exhaust duct and air duct design:
      a. 確保排煙管道和風道的直徑、材質和布局滿足建筑規范和通風要求。
      a. Ensure that the diameter, material and layout of smoke exhaust pipes and air ducts meet the Building code and ventilation requirements.
      b. 避免管道和風道彎曲和阻塞,以確保順暢的空氣流動和排煙效果。
      b. Avoid bending and blocking of pipelines and air ducts to ensure smooth air flow and smoke exhaust effect.
      Safety measures:
      a. 安裝火災報警系統和排煙控制系統,以監測和控制廚房內的煙霧和火災風險。
      a. Install a fire alarm system and smoke exhaust control system to monitor and control smoke and fire risks in the kitchen.
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