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      Nowadays, the country is paying more and more attention to environmental protection, so the environmental requirements for the catering industry are becoming increasingly strict. Therefore, kitchen fume purifiers have been widely sought after in the market. Therefore, many manufacturers have launched different types of kitchen fume purifiers to meet the different needs of the market. Let's take a look at the advantages, disadvantages, and considerations of several common purifiers when purchasing!
      Electrostatic oil fume purifier
      This type of kitchen fume purification equipment is currently the most widely used in the market. Its working principle is that when the fume exhaust passes through a high-voltage electrostatic force field, the fume exhaust particles come into contact with electrons and carry charges, which are finally adsorbed by the electric field. This type of equipment can capture fine particles below 0.1 micrometers.
      The electrostatic oil fume purifier is currently the kitchen oil fume purifier with the highest purification efficiency, with a purification rate of over 95%. The disadvantage is that the equipment has a high cost. Due to the high adsorption capacity of the electric field plate, the equipment must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will reduce the purification efficiency.
      Activated carbon adsorption oil fume purifier
      The principle of oil fume purification equipment is simpler, which simply uses activated carbon to adsorb oil fume particles. Without the purification of oil fume exhaust gas, it can be widely used in the purification of haze air, PM2.5, industrial exhaust gas, and other pollutants. It is widely used, but can only achieve a 90% oil fume purification rate, and is commonly used in situations where the odor of oil fume is eliminated. The disadvantage is that activated carbon has a high cost and requires regular replacement to ensure purification efficiency.
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