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      The production of spiral air ducts, as a new type of air duct construction process, has clear benefits: beautiful appearance, high strength, high level of mechanical automation, fast processing and manufacturing speed, and can reduce equipment tasks, greatly increasing task power, etc. Since the emergence of a small number of prosperous countries, significant progress has been made in the processing quality of circular air ducts.
      (1) High appearance quality. The inner wall of the formed air duct is lubricated and the outer wall is smooth;
      (2) The strength of the air duct is high. Due to the uniform distribution of spiral ribs formed by the outer wall bite, it has a uniform reinforcing effect, and its unit strength is greater than that of the coarse and shallow bite type air duct;
      (3) Superior duct sealing function. Therefore, mechanical processing can reduce errors in compensation operations, ensure that the air duct is tight, and the air leakage rate is far less than the current standard rules;
      (4) Reduced data usage. Due to the strength of the spiral air duct unit being greater than that of the coarse and shallow air ducts, the thickness of the coil used for similar standard air ducts can be reduced by one model, and the length of the air duct section is larger than that of the coarse and shallow bite air duct. The number of air duct sections of the same length is clearly reduced, and the use of flange free connections can save a lot of raw materials;
      (5) Fast processing speed and high accuracy. Therefore, the mechanical assembly line processing is not constrained by the skill level of the operator, which is very beneficial for the quality of the air duct processing.
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