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      Most white iron dust collectors adopt centralized treatment system, which can save investment and facilitate management. Woodworking machinery will produce high concentration of dust in the process of production and processing, which will seriously affect the working environment of wood workshop. Therefore, according to the dust characteristics of the wood workshop, our company has designed and produced a set of dust collector system specially used in the production workshop. The system has the advantages of simple and compact structure, low steel consumption and strong capture ability for fibrous dust with light proportion, such as sawdust, shavings, asbestos powder and tobacco.

      Dust removal process: the dust generated in the production of woodworking equipment is collected by the dust suction duct of the dust removal system, and then enters the woodworking dust collector through the regulating butterfly valve and air inlet duct. The dust is blocked outside the filter bag, and the clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the filter bag, induced draft fan and chimney, which not only achieves the purpose of recovering dust and purifying waste gas, but also makes all emission indicators meet the emission requirements.
      According to the hydrophilic characteristics of sawdust, dust is easy to agglomerate under a certain water content, resulting in material blockage in the ash hopper of the dust collector. We design a vibrator or air gun in the ash bucket of the dust collector to assist in ash removal and reduce the work of manual auxiliary ash removal; According to the characteristics of high sawdust concentration, the progressive air flow channel design is adopted to ensure the uniform distribution of air flow. The purpose of air distribution is to avoid high-speed scouring and wear in local areas inside the dust collector.
      White iron dust collector is a high-efficiency dust collector with high-pressure pulse jet cleaning and full-automatic control. It adopts circular filter bag design. Dust collector at the end of the central dust collection system.
      White iron dust collector is suitable for woodworking machinery, such as four side planer, sander, sawing machine, slicer, rod mill, etc. The pulse dust removal method is flexible and convenient. The dust removal of woodworking machinery production line adopts systematic dust removal, which is economical, practical and beautiful. It can achieve the ideal dust removal effect without affecting the production operation. Bag type dust collector is currently a dust collector with high dust removal efficiency, and the dust removal effect can reach 99%. Suitable for solid wood shavings. Dust collection of wood panel particles and fibers.

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